What to do once you’re in trial.

The Trial Lawyer Always Advocates

trial lawyer

One of the things I learned early on about being a trial lawyer is that every time you are in front of the jury you should be advocating. By that I don’t mean you should be trying to improperly communicate…
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Bias Cross Examination – Exposing a Witness

bias cross examination

Bias cross examination is critical for a successful trial lawyer.  By exposing a witness’ bias, a lawyer can discredit the witness and any hurtful testimony that he or she has to offer.  Exposing bias also has the benefit of strengthening…
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Bias – Winning Cases When It Is All You Have


Sometimes you find yourself trying a tough criminal case where bias is all you have.  You know, one of those where many witnesses are going to testify as to things that hurt your case but after spending hours pouring over…
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