Monthly Archive: May 2017

The Three Basic Criminal Defense Theories

defense theory

While there are unlimited stories to be told in a criminal case, there is only a handful of criminal defense theories. Some Other Guy/Gal Did It This criminal defense theory is pretty self-explanatory. What the witnesses are saying is true…
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Jury Selection – Word Choice Matters

jury selection

Many times we go into jury selection thinking that it is just a conversation. Because of this we sometimes do not spend enough time thinking about what words we will use. After all, we have been having conversations with each other since…
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Demeanor, Demeanor, Demeanor


In the real estate world it is all about location, location, location. In the trial world, it is all about demeanor. Demeanor let’s a jury know that you think someone is lying without you having to call the witness a…
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Misidentification Defense – The 100% Method


In the criminal context misidentification is a phenomenon where victims or witnesses of criminal activity mistakenly identify one person as the perpetrator of the crime. When this happens the people making the identification become convinced that the person they identified…
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Be Your Own Trial Performance Critic

Trial Performance

As a trial lawyer it is hard to get real feedback on your trial performance. This is because people are naturally averse to giving negative feedback even when it is called for. People may feel that if they give you…
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