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Misidentification Defense – The 100% Method


In the criminal context misidentification is a phenomenon where victims or witnesses of criminal activity mistakenly identify one person as the perpetrator of the crime. When this happens the people making the identification become convinced that the person they identified…
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Be Your Own Trial Performance Critic

Trial Performance

As a trial lawyer it is hard to get real feedback on your trial performance. This is because people are naturally averse to giving negative feedback even when it is called for. People may feel that if they give you…
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Controlling The Runaway Witness

Controlling the runaway witness during cross examination is one of those challenges that we as trial lawyers have to deal with on a daily basis. No matter how tight and pointed the question is, the runaway witness takes it upon…
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Curative Instructions And The Scarcity Principle

The scarcity principle is a phenomenon of human psychology. It may even be an evolutionary trait. It states that we give more value to things we consider rare and less value to things we consider plentiful. It is the reason…
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Top Ten Books For Trial Lawyers

As a trial lawyer most of your training outside of the basics will come from trying cases. But no matter how trial active you are you will not be in trial every day.  In fact, recent trends suggest that you…
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Closing Argument Tips

Closing Argument

Closing argument is almost every trial lawyer’s favorite part.  Everyone is looking forward to it.  Everyone spends hours fantasizing about that incredible closing argument they will give.  With as much glory as it attracts, you’d figure there would be more…
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The Basics Of Cross Examination

Cross examination is one of the toughest skills for a trial lawyer to become good at.  While becoming great at cross examination is a life long journey, becoming a competent cross examiner is not very hard to do.  If you…
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5 Sources Of Evidence Ranked

When putting a case together for trial the most important thing is to have a clear, objective view of the strength of the evidence.  To help me stay objective I follow a ranking system.  The system ranks the evidence based…
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